Aida/Scribo F.A.Q

1. Is Scribo stable ?

Scribo is quite stable already because it is based on 5 years of work from commercial CMS called BiArt. Another proof is running the quite frequent Squeak website. What is still under development currently is more end-user friendliness, specially concerning the configuration of Scribo and its plugins without programming.

2. What Does Scribo use for persistency ?

Scribo uses the image for persistency. A persistence layer is on its way (thanks to Masashi). XML export will be available too, and document attachments are stored on files.

3. Is Scribo ported to my favorite Smalltalk dialect ?

For now, Scribo is only available for Squeak. The stable release will be available for Squeak, VisualWorks and Gemstone/S.

4. I don't like wiki formatting, is there a wysiwyg editor ?

Yes, just install tinyMCE in the folder where you run your image. Scribo will automatically switch to from Wiki formatting to TinyMCE!

5. Where can I see it in production ?

This site is powered by Aida/Scribo.

You can also see and