Renaming VW packages in Store

Because of Squeak packaging rules we need to rename Aida packages before porting to Squeak. But that's not a simple undertaking and needs very carefull procedure, especially if your image has live Aida's objects like WebUsers and you don't want to loose them. Classes of live objects could probalby be renamed to Obsolete and this would be hard to rename back again.

Procedure is as follows:

Packages to rename:

  1. Swazoo-AIDA to Aida-Swazoo Extensions
  2. AIDA System Changes to Aida-Extensions
  3. AIDA support to Aida-Support
  4. Web-Server to Aida-Core
  5. WEB-Elements to Aida-Elements
  6. WEB-Components to Aida-Components
  7. WEB-Parts to Aida-Parts
  8. WEB-Imaging to Aida-Imaging
  9. WEB-Admin to Aida-Admin
  10. WEB-Tests to Aida-Tests
  11. WebDAV to Aida-WebDAV

a. In a development image

  1. rename package in Store (Store>Administration>Rename package in a database)
  2. rename package in image
  3. repeat for all packages
  4. publish just that renames

b. In production images:

  1. rename package in image
  2. reconcile with Store (to a version you publish above)
  3. repeat for all packages