Mobile support


  • MobileApps are Apps specially for mobile devices
  • New class WebMobileApplication to have a web app for the same domain object but tailored for mobile phones and tablets.
    • usage: by convention name a new class anObjectMobileApp as subclass of WebMobileApplication
  • You can have a MobileApp in parallel to classical App for same domain object. In case of both, a MobileApp will be used on sessions with mobile devices,
  • Use a classical App and responsive design with a mobile CSS if your app is just a bit different (like bigger buttons etc.) on a mobile device.
  • Use MobileApp if mobile app is very different and tightly designed just for a mobile device, like a mobile phone.

Mobile CSS

  • WebStyle
    • all cssMobile* methods concatenated alphabetically, as css* and cssPrint*
  • /mobile.css in page header
  • added AFTER /screen.css, so that default CSS can be enhanced for mobile devices
  • added only if requests come from mobile device
  • WebDefaultStyle adds mobile CSS enhancements (see category styles-mobile) for default Aida apps

Detection of mobile devices

  • WebSession
    • isMobile 
    • isMobilePhone
    • isMobileTablet