Getting started

  • Tutorial - to understand how to create web applications with Aida and start programming on your own, here is a short tutorial which guides you through the main steps in creating an on-line address book.
  • ToDo example, a description with screenshots and code snippets of fully ajaxified HTML5 realtime web app.
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Introduction - one page general overview of design goals, architecture, experiences and fields of usage
  • Architecture - a few diagrams to show main architecture and design ideas behind Aida/Web


  • Administrator's Guide - how to start and stop server or sites, adding a new site, registering new service and soon more
  • Programmer's Guide - how to program your web applications, work in progress!
  • Class Reference - description of packages, soon most important classes
  • Advanced features - method images, automatic and preferred urls, wiki format, web clipboard, many action methods, versioned objects, page headers, response headers, content type and more
  • AJAX and Comet - about Ajax integration, usage, components, and about Comet real-time refreshing of page content
  • TinyMCE Rich text editor installation and configuration guide
  • Scribo CMS start guide



Development notes

Recommended Books about Web Technology

Pro HTML5 Programming
Peter Lubbers, Apres 2010
Introducing HTML5
Bruce Lawson, New Riders 2011
CSS3 Visual QuickStart Guide
Jason Teague, Peachpit 2011
Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
Nicholas C.Zakas, Wrox 2009
JavaScript: The Good Parts
Douglas Crockford, O'Reilly 2008
JavaScript Cookbook
Shelley Powers, O'Reilly 2010