From irc chat with Mark Roberts 28.5.07:

  • w.r.t. Aida docs, the Architecture page could have some descriptive text.
  • class reference is imcomplete
  • "Advanced features" page has too many bullets. Should be plain text paragraphs with blockquotes for examples
  • I expect to find all of docs useful. If it's not, that throws up a flag, makes me think that later I will get stuck sending e-mails to somebody asking about basic functionalitythat should be documented so I don't waste time. When I see those gaps, I get the feeling I'm going to be wasting a lot of time later, and that makes me wonder if I should start in the first place.
  • The Ajax examples page is good
  • ...though the links to the examples are confusing For example see demo site, Demos, Ajax, Example 5... then I go to that page and I don't see example 5 (CORRECTED)