IRC chat with jarober


18:03] jarober> 5 mins, like the ones I posted earlier
18:04] jarober> 11,289 total pages
18:04] jarober> avg sessions/sec: 37.7
18:05] jarober> avg pages/sec: 37.6
18:05] jarober> starting pages/sec: 39.1
18:05] jarober> ending pages/sec: 35.8

18:24] michaell: it uses redirection

19:51] strange is that i got 170 req/sec, but that is page /counter.html only
19:52] jarober> different hardware/lan
19:52] and for a single session
19:52] localhost only, 3.2GHz P4

19:57] jarober> 20 simulated users with WATP

20:46] jarober wow, Swazoo 2.0 is extremly faster to swazoo 1.0 on this counter example!
20:46] you are using swazoo 1.0, because you loaded it from parcels
20:48] 400 req/sec vs. 170 on 1.0

23:17] if i put 100 iteerations for 1 user, i get up to 270 req/s
23:17] if i put default 1 for 20 users, i got even less that you, about 20
23:18] jarober> I'm using the download of WATP, only allows 20 users
23:19] jarober> I just took the defaults on the Capacity test
23:21] jarober> I created a script that launches the Seaside Counter
23:21] jarober> Then increments to 4, then decrements to 0

23:22] inAida case you login in initialzation phase?
23:23] in PRofle Initial
23:23] jarober> I took that outof the script
23:23] yep, that's not good because it dont stay for test too
23:24] i sent you a new parcels and i'm sending you one more for counter xample
23:24] this one set security so you dont need login
23:24] jarober> ok

01:27] jarober, results on Aida so far: 37.462 pages, 7,76 sessions/sec, 125 pages/sec, 124 start, 124 end, 0 errors
01:28] 0 errors is important to note, be sure that others have 0 too, otherwise can be result higher, falsely of course

01:51] what is even more interesting, i'm just running 360 pages/sec :)
01:52] and CPU is still not saturated to the end

01:57] that's important, yess, but both me and jarober are testing on local machine right now
01:57] and we are far from tcp botlenecks yet IMO
01:59] no, I was using my LAN
01:59] running WATP on a Windows box, hitting apps on the Mac
01:59] running on a 100 mbit LAN
02:00] ok, that's can be different but still i think any of us is fast enough to make a difference
02:00] if cpu is not saturated and ethernet is not saturated, then clearly there's lag somewhere :)
02:00] well, this test is also to be undestand first
02:01] default settings don't saturate the server, at least mine no
02:02] jarober, i'm increasing Iterations, to 10 currently, and User think time is disabled
02:03] this give me 370 pages/sec, 0 errors