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Preferred Url's

What do we mean by a preferred Url?  This refers to, as one would expect, the ability to give your application nice, linkable, url's instead of an automatically (non-sensical!) generated one.

This is done by implementing a #preferedUrl method for your domain object, NOT your application object.  Always remember that in Aida url's point to domain objects and never to applications (web representations of domain objects, Apps). See the tutorial for more information about the linkage between these objects and the Aida naming convention. 

Note the spelling of "preferred" througout the Aida framework is with ONE "r" (prefered) and NOT TWO (preferred).

This method is called only once per domain object when it's Url is registered into a URLResolver.  If you change the #preferedUrl method defintion, or if the domain object was all ready registered with an automatic Url before the prefered method was created, you will need to re-register it, like so:

(AIDASite named: 'mysite') urlResolver changeToPreferedURL: myDomainObject


Linking to Other Sites