Migration 5.6 to 6.0 procedure

Here the migration procedure will be gradually written.

  • Use self style instead just self in your Apps when calling framing methods:
    • self style pageFrameWith:title:
    • self style pageFrameWith:wide:title:
    • self style pageFrameWideNoNavigationWith:title:
    • etc..
  • Change all subclasses of WebStyle to have superclass DefaultWebStyle instead (5.6.44)
  • WebStyle allInstances do: [:each | each changeClassTo: DefaultWebStyle] (5.6.44)
  • AIDASite subclass of SwazooSite, renamed from Site. Don''t forget to load Swazoo 2.2beta5 first with manually renaming classes! (5.6.35)
  • (this somewhat don't work, make temporary subclass Site from SwazooSite, then load again)
  • WebSessionManager allInstances do: [:each | each nillAppsForObjects]  (5.6.35)
  • WebSessionManager rename manually instvar activeSessions to sessions before loading this versions (5.6.17)
  • Passwords now encrypted! Run WebSecurityManager allinstances do: [:each | each migrateToEncryptedPasswords] ! (5.6.10)