Download and installation instructions

About Smalltalk

Aida/Web is a Smalltalk application, therefore you need a Smalltalk first. You need to choose a Smalltalk dialect. Currently Aida/Web supports those dialects:

Stable release

1. Download and install:

  • Squeak: load with the following script:
i := Installer monticello http: ''. 
i  project: 'SPort';
   install: 'Sport-2.031'.
i  project: 'Swazoo';
   install: 'Swazoo-2.4final.2'.
i  project: 'Aida';
   install: 'Aida-6.8final.2'.

2. Run:

  1. In web browser open http://localhost:8888
  2. You'll get a web page like on Online Aida/Web demo.