• Janko Mivšek

Core developers

  • Janko Mivšek
  • Nicolas Petton

Code contributors

  • Masashi Umezawa
  • German Arduino
  • Facundo Ciccioli
  • Alex Baran
  • Herbert König
  • Martin Polák
  • Nicholas Moore


  • Dirk Verleysen (Object Studio)
  • Jaroslav Havlin (Smalltalk/X)
  • Jan Vrany (Smalltalk/X)
  • Bruno Buzzi Brasesco (Dolphin)

Other contributors

  • Michael Rueger (donating logo, presentation on StS08)
  • Rob Rothwell (presentation on StS08)
  • François Stephany (French tutorial)
  • Giuseppe Luigi Punzi (Spanish tutorial)
  • Nadja Tschierpke (logo proposal)
  • Anna Thirion (logo proposal)
  • Janja Bačac (logo)
  • Nicholas Moore (Wikipedia article)
  • Thanks also to all others who on the mailing list contribute ideas, suggestions, comments and critic, or just word of encouragement!
  • Special thanks also for all of you making real web applications with Aida!